A downloadable RPA Extractor for Windows

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Tool to extract images from RenPy games' .rpa files. Use the three D's to use:

1. Download

2. Drag .rpa file(s) on rpaExtract.exe

3. Done

To do this on macOS (aka Mac OS X and probably Linux), watch this video.

To do this on Linux, the macOS video and or this comment might help.

Additional video guides:

Mod ren鈥檖y games (art)
Decompile rpyc files (for modding code)

Useful for people who made a game and uploaded it and then their hard drive with the source files exploded.

Using this tool on other people's games might be considered 'reverse-engineering'. If you have doubts about the legality of doing so, consider reading the terms (EULA) of the game you are trying to reverse-engineer and consider reading this stackexchange thread.

Using this tool on other people's games could also simply be considered cheating, which no one in the world will care about (I am not a lawyer).

If you want more than look at pictures/listen to audio to satisfy your personal curiosity, remember not to infringe on other people's copyright. Protip: fair use.

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Hi! Can you add the option to preserve original creation date of files within archive (or has it been already added)?

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Does this work with  .PYO files? I want to see Dawn Chorus' files but theyre all in .pyo

Look for archive.rpa in the game/ folder.

If one really needs to recover .pyo files, which might contain code, the following might be relevant, although I'd rather expect .pyc files:

is there gonna be an apk version of this extractor ?

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If one wants to extract an apk on a pc, one first extracts the apk with 7zip or just renaming to .zip and using the default unpacker might work. Then one would search for the .rpa and use rpaex.

If one wants to extract rpa on Android, maybe try Game Resources Viewer while free.

Awesome, I finally got that one track from Ripples (by Jestur)


the exe file wont open

1. You have to drag an .rpa file onto the exe

2. You might have to convince windows that it doesn't have to block it

I met error message when I extract images.rpa of FutariuumsGate-0.10-win.

something weird happened, here is the error (hopefully):

There was an error while trying to extract a file from the archive.

First, try moving all of this to C:\rpaExtract\ or a similarly simple path and try there again

If that still does not work, tell iwanPlays what the error was and what game you were trying to extract

I met this message, so I report you iwanPlasys. I always use extract rpa files with your program, I want to say thanks to you.

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It might work with the latest version. Please download rpaExtract afresh from here and try again.



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Hello, the latest version (uploaded today) and the previous version both do not work with the game "rogue-like" (v1.3a or 1.2a)

Error :

something weird happened, here is the error (hopefully):

There was an error while trying to extract a file from the archive.

Forcing RPA-3.0

(4 edits)

Thanks for letting me know. That name is not great for finding but the version numbers helped. I will check.

I had an issue where nothing would happen after "Forcing RPA-3.0". I had to CTRL+C it and then re-start, then it worked. I suspect it has to do with antivirus, while they are still getting "used" to the new version. But that does not work in this case so far.

Should work now. In this case, it seems the first file was corrupted somehow. Empty or nonexistent or with an invalid filename perhaps. Whatever, it works. Also, the less elegant dragonunpacker method also worked it seems.

I downloaded the latest version again and now Windows Defender flags it as a Trojan, which did not happen for previous versions. I presume this is a false positive, but just wanted to let you know.

Thanks for letting me know. This will always happen for the first few days/weeks whenever there is a new version, until the antivirus databases took time to actually verify it's a safe one.

Doesn't work with the newest version of renpy :( 

(Renpy 8.1.1 - 7.6.1

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Thanks for the heads up!

Have you tried the latest version, from here?

If it doesn't work, can you name (not link) a game?

Yes, I did try the latest version, but sadly, it didn't work. I'm trying to extract a visual novel called "Ikimashou!

Thank you for the info! I think the new version I just uploaded can handle this too.

One fun thing about this is that the game apparently uses art under various CC licenses, which prohibit DRM. (Although theoretically it's possible the game author got additional permission from each of the authors.)

By the way, using DragonUnpacker, some (all?) files can be extracted, although it's much less elegant. Guide:

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alright, thanks :)

(1 edit) (+2)

Thanks. The best app I've ever known馃槄


Will this extract scripts as well, not just images? A game I love has a ton of bad translation and typos and I want to fix them.

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:thumbsup: on wanting to fix translations! Depends on how it was packaged. Might require another tool/step:

I love the fact that you used ddlc as an example lol. but seriously this was a big help

Thank you!!! This is really useful when I want to look at how larger Renpy games are made

How can i make the file rpa again? Please help

This example shows why you probably don't need to: 

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I was trying to extract files from Our Life: Beginnings & Always and got the following error: 

"invalid literal for int() with base 16: b'cove_cgs:'

First, try moving all of this to C:\rpaExtract\ or a similarly simple path and try there again

If that still does not work, tell iwanPlays what the error was and what game you were trying to extract"

I did try to move it to a simpler file path but this did not work

I can't find a way to get that error. Can you please download the latest version and try with that?


Same error.

(1 edit) (+1)

Do you have another computer you could try this on?

Not a clue... I'd restart the PC, do windows update. Then, check if the hard drive or c: is full, then I would check if RAM is being maxed out during the process, which should be fixable by turning off all other applications during the process. Then you could try turning off any anitivirus while doing it and finally I would check hard drive for damages and then check RAM for damages (how do you even do this...)




Glad to see you back working on this ^^ (If you never quit, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding xD)


hi!  i wanted to extract the script from the game 14 days with you since i wanted to read some more parts of the script but the files it extracted (rpyc) i am uncertain of how to open.  when i have extracted a few other games' scripts like our life beginnings and always i had been able to open the script files just with any text editor and they were rpy files.  is there a way to open rpyc files?


to recover compiled rpyc files, there are different tools available: 


It keeps on crashing. 


Huh, what does that mean? What does the error message say? Did you download the latest version (got updated yesterday) standard or 32bit version? Which games (names only are enough).


Hi, thank you for a great tool, but it doesn't work with newer PC games/RenPy versions.

Examples: Wicked Paradise v19, Anna Exciting Affection Ch2, Artemis 041, Bodyguard 01, Chasing Sunsets 08, Final Spell v010, Lust Theory S2 v103.

(All original/patreon versions, none ripped or modded).


(2 edits) (+1)

Is it possible that this is with a long ago downloaded version? My bad for not properly tracking versions between different builds. Does it work if you re-download rpaex? [EDIT: nevermind, I'm seeing the error too now ......... and i'm investigationing .....]


Heya, thx for the response, hope you can find the issue. I use it to translate the game(s).馃憤

(1 edit) (+1)

I updated rpaex, now it should work on your game even if you encrypted/obfuscated the RPA files a little. [I don't know if it will work with all such games]

People who lost their sources and just need to recover some graphics/audio can also use DragonUnpacker.


Thanks for the update, much appreciated. +4 馃憤


the renpy game i'm tryingn to decompile does not use the file type i see int he video and does not work

Huh. that's curious. Which game? (Name's enough)

Deleted 207 days ago
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It does not. The current version at least triggers virustotal much less than the previous one, you can ease your mind using that site. One day I'll have time to learn how to package this in a way that hopefully avoids all these false positives.

[update] what do you know, I figured it out but virustotal didn't become less paranoid. Not sure I'll be able to make it better than the current files are.

(2 edits) (+3)

Thank you for reporting, everybody. I can only assume that the method I use for packaging the exe is so common in the world of malicious software, that antivirus software is paranoid beyond max. I'm looking into a promising solution.

UPDATE: Should be better now. Still getting 6/8 false positives on the 64/32 bit versions though on Antivirus. Microsoft defender deletes the 64bit version on download, which can be solved by going to Virus & Threat protection and then Protection history, where you then have to allow the file, upon which you should be able to download it.

This is not great. I hope to have time to figure out how to compile this cleaner soon-ish. [update] I figured it out but not sure it helped.

McAfee didn't nuke it on sight this time so it seems to be much better. Also worked exactly as advertised, so thank you.

doesnt work is bug ?

McAfee doesn't seem to like it (and the 32 bit version) and stops the download, claiming its a virus. It says the old version is fine though.

Same as below would love to redownload but windows keeps blocking due to trojans :/ alternative upload? Maybe confirm not hacked?

Not hacked (which is what a hacked account would say lol). Check out my top comment for more info.

Kaspersky show nothing wrong with this executable, and i trust it more than i do virustotal.

Have you been hacked or something? these files (all of them) seem to always be detected as not safe. I feel like it's just Itch though. Do you have a Google Drive version? I remember using it and it being pretty good. (before it was always being Flagged.)

same here, i need it again but i'm wary to redownload it courtesy of that

Not hacked (which is what a hacked account would say lol). Check out my top comment for more info.

Gonna explain this?

Thank you for reporting. I can only assume that the method I use for packaging the exe is so common in the world of malicious software, that antivirus software is paranoid beyond max. I'm looking into a promising solution.

Extractors shouldn't be causing antiviruses to think negatively upon it, try making like an app that doesn't involve just dragging the file onto the .EXE file to extract like most extractors.



is because mi system specifications?

Thank you for reporting, it's me, not you. It should be fixed now.

I'm still getting this error

Still? After re-download?

I'm getting unsupported pickle error: 5 when I try to extract the images.rpa file from Ripples (18+)

Thank you for reporting, and providing an example where to get a pickle 5 version rpa sample for testing. It should be fixed now.


Unfortunately I'm getting the pickle 5 error on the Medieval Times games.


Thank you for reporting, it should be fixed now.

AVG detected win32 malware-gen 馃拃 is that ok?

Send it to virustotal.com. Usually only 5 not too respectable pieces of antivirus get false positives.

Nah check my recent comment and see for yourself. One vender said it was a password stealer.

Thank u! :3

api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0 error win 7 64bit FIX IT

Deleted 341 days ago


thank'slet's go


mmmm wait  is protocol 5?

Thank you for reporting. I wanted to even support XP and used an old Python3 version. As a result, the new format was not supported any more and I forgot to keep a test for that around.

Anyways, it should be fixed now.


Thank you for updating this nice tool. Have sent you a little something, dont use it all on women and booze ;)

Is there a possibility that you can also keep the older version up? (the 32 bit one), my PC can't use the newer 64 bit...

Thank you for pointing this out. I didn't stop to think about which bit version I'm uploading in, so I made a 32-bit version as well ("oldPC"). Please let me know if it doesn't work.


Shouldn't you add a suffix like "32bit" for clearity?

(1 edit)

Now that I needed to upload the old version, that rename made good sense

The file is clean, i used the kaspersky online scanner and it came out as clean. You can verify that yourself <https://opentip.kaspersky.com/>


My pc says its a trojan lol


Same here lol, its identified as malware for me

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