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What about for mobile? Is it possible?

Does not work when the file path contains Cyrillic characters


Hmm, when i use it on one file, it extracts everything, but the files come out corrupted. any fixes?

Never had that before. Which game?

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По поводу детекта Virustotal, все крупные и доверенные  ничего не нашли, остальные возбудились кривые и малознакомые. В Virscan только один детект


renpy sucks

but i'm still downloading it



23/66 detections in supports viruses?


2 years ago it was only 10. then 9. see this thread:

The method I used to create this exe is known for causing false positives: I guess a lot of virus script kiddies also use it and antivirus isn't smart enough to tell the difference between the actual code being run.

So BitDefender, McAffee, Ad-Aware flag rpaex.exe :| damn. I don't know if I would run this if someone else was to give this exe to me now. At least Kaspersky, Microsoft, Malwarebytes, Avast and Symantec don't worry.


Worked super well! also commenting to remind myself to send a few bucks when i get paid lol

Do you know how to change game screen resolution with existing scripts to improve performance?

I have tried several basic ways to improve performance, such as setting realtime CPU priority, changing graphics preference to high performance (NVIDIA). However, I think the results are not much different.

In Ren'Py games?

Yup. It's Ren'Py games.

I mean like changing an existing Python script for game resolution.

You can download UnRen.bat. Its a free tool that will unarchive all renpy files, images, and everything in a renpy game so you can alter any settings. Youll just have to find which file they put those commands in.It can vary. Use Notepad++ to quickly edit the RPY files and resave them. 


Well~. It's complicated.

Using PyCharm. Just need to find the corresponding lines of code.

Gonna try.

No Prob. If you tell me the game and what you want I might be able to do it for you and send it back to you. 


author just packed rpatool 0.8 to exe with pyinstaller and I can't find any links to source - that's not good. use original tool instead of this -


You need to read this

you have- you have read my mind 

i wanna get the ddlc sprites im- even the thumbnail is ddlc

I tried it on the archive.rpa of that game:

I used the console because just dragging wouldn't work and I got:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 359, in <module>
File "", line 64, in __init__
File "", line 223, in load
File "", line 103, in extract_indexes
File "encodings\", line 43, in zlib_decode zlib.error: Error -3 while decompressing data: incorrect header check [8376] Failed to execute script rpaextract

Any idea what could be causing this error ?

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First up, try this from another reply of mine:

Put all into C:\test\

or D:\test\, as long as you ensure there are no non-ASCII characters in the path (and no whitespace) and that the path is very short.

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It was already in C: \test\
I also tried running as admin, with no luck

I just tried in a quite vanilla -but updated - Win10 VM and it worked.

1. Re-download the game, the rpa file might be corrupted

2. Triple-check you drag/give-as-parameter the archive.rpa file and not some other file

3. Ensure the game is off (the file is not blocked?) while you extract

4. Restart windows (yes I know it's 2021 but still), allow all pending updates to finish. Perhaps even run updates to fix things broken by previous updates (Just a month ago I had to help fix a computer that just decided onboard audio doesn't work and windows update "fixed" it)

5. Use the macOS/Linux method (see description)

6. Oh boy. I can only think of tiny RAM, defective RAM, defective HDD/SSD, defective other hardware or simply an environment that is somehow weirding the script out, which obviously is using zlib. Perhaps you are a dev/packager and somehow added a "bad" (read this scrip can't handle it) version of zlib to path?

Dragonunpacker also works when used on an .rpa file, hopefully for you as well:

Works and quick.

Can’t get it to work.

Tried it in the main folder and in a C:Test folder. Both give the same result. Program opens for a split seccond before closing again.

what do you drag onto it?

Just rpa files from a visual novel. It's strange. Some games do work on it and some games don't.

Put all into C:\test\

long file paths

non-ASCII characters

I'm guessing those two might be the cause

No idea what the problem was exactly,
But got the files to export using unrpa and then forcing it to extract using a certain version. Thanks for trying to help!

Open the folder that contains the rpa file and you game file with the rpa images files on the same screen. Drag the RPA file and open the images file with the rpa file together and it should start extracting into a game images folder. Its done when the rpa program closes

I cant seem to get it to work? it starts processing then gives up a few seconds later i put it in the right folder to

make the folder C:\test\, put both files into it. Try then

It keeps removing itself. What the heck?


most likely your antivirus

is that why it keeps deleting itself? :( 

most likely.

If you have the user rights and want to invest time into fixing it: google some of these:

[your antivirus name] whitelist exe

[your antivirus name] recover from quarantine

[your antivirus name] undelete exe

thank you so much :)

It's not working for me. Keeps closing itself then deleting itself. Help?

Thanks you a lot. It's super handy !

How did you get it working? Not working for me :(

Spot a .rpa file, slide it on the rpaextract.exe icon, done.

To anyone who can't get this working, place the rpaExtract.exe somewhere away from the Desktop, then right click>add to>Desktop Shortcut

Worked for me /:


You know what I'm modding, Don't you?


I do now

There he is, the man himself.

I never actually knew you made this, and i never knew you even played DDLC.

that was my first reaction when i saw the video thumbnail askldghf

Deleted 1 year ago

please try and let us know!


Doesn't work in Windows 7. And i don't know what is C:/test/ because i'm new in this


For those wondering how to use it in Linux. It's basically the same as MacOS, see the video above.

if you receive this error however:

/usr/bin/env: ‘python’: No such file or directory     run:
sudo apt install python3

or if you have already installed it, link python by running:
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/python

Credits to Francisco Mantovani (3rd answer) :
and also huge thanks to the creator of this tool! :DDD

Took some figuring out, and my A: having downloaded a 32bit and outdated version of Python by mistake and B: forgetting to check "PATH ACCESS" when I installed Python the first time probably played a part; but I was able to easily access the images from a visual novel (uh, I guess that's sort of cheating).

Is there a way to do it on Android?

as the file is a .exe i will not work unless it is .apk for android

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I couldn't get it to work because the firewall won't let it work

I even went into properties and allowed it to run and it still doesn't work

help someone please

(the error message says Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item)

This was great to use, since i'm making a ddlc fangame and the sprites and backgrounds from the background were all different sizes and such.

Works flawlessly!

Help Please, Windows 10 , Don't Work(

Follow these steps. If any of these steps doesn't work, please tell me which one and what happens instead of what the video promises. Please tell me the timecode (like 2:41 for example) and I'll try to find a solution. Thanks!


Worked very well! Easy to use too. Thanks!


worked out pretty good

Deleted 289 days ago

Interesting. Never heard of this. Do you know which antivirus or other tool changes the actual properties? Thanks for sharing!

Deleted 289 days ago

Thanks! I got easy access to all of the DDLC images with this.

Well. There's two bucks I'll never get back. The RPA Extractor didn't work for me. It won't open at all.


Doesn't work:

1. Create C:/test/

2. Copy the .rpa and rpaextract.exe to C:/test/

3. Drag the .rpa onto rpaextract.exe

Still doesn't work:

1. Do the above

2. Press WINDOWSKEY+R and enter "cmd"

3. type in "c:" ENTER then "cd test" ENTER

4. type rpaextract.exe [filename].rpa

write any error message as a comment here please and I'll take a look.

When I checked the exe file on virus total, it shows 10 engines where a few say trojan. I'm just curious on what they mean since I am a bit new to checking for viruses and all that.

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Very fair to point that out. I don't know why this happens. I re-checked and by now it's only 9 warnings. I don't recognize any of the 9 antivirus software names that flag it (besides ClamVM which I know of because it's open source and "McAfee-GW-Edition" which I only know because of the name "McAfee".) The "normal McAfee strangely does not flag rpaExtract.exe.

In the end, it seems like false positives.


please fix it, win 10 is not working,  Oct.30 , 2019

which game? what happens? what did your antivirus software say?


Tried to use this extractor to unpack archive.rpa files, doesn't work sadly.

also not working 

which game? what happens? what did your antivirus software say?

^ This game. It's still in development phase and I just want to see how many CGs are there in the beta build. After I drag & dropped the rpa file (the filesize is more than 1gb), the program works as intended but then stopped working midway through (the window simply disappearing, leaving no extracted/decrypted files). I don't think my antivirus blocked it or interfere the process since there's no error pop out or something like that.

It works for me. It created the "date" folder, which contains the assets.

My theory why it didn't work for you:

1. You have very little RAM (turn off all other applications)

2. Your file path contains non-ASCII characters (russian characters in your username path perhaps). Move the game install files to C:\test\ for example and put the rpaExtract.exe in the same folder as archive.rpa, then follow the video instructions.

If it still doesn't work, you can try to run the tool in a command line or powershell .\rpaExtract.exe archive.rpa so you check whether there are any error messages when it crashes.

Thanks, I'll try it out :)


macOs PLS



"To do this on macOS (aka Mac OS X), watch [video not yet done]."

So what do I need to do on MacOS, that would be a great help for me?
Thank you !


if still not clear, watch this video.

Wow, you still upload regularly? Great work!

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