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Took some figuring out, and my A: having downloaded a 32bit and outdated version of Python by mistake and B: forgetting to check "PATH ACCESS" when I installed Python the first time probably played a part; but I was able to easily access the images from a visual novel (uh, I guess that's sort of cheating).

Is there a way to do it on Android?

as the file is a .exe i will not work unless it is .apk for android

This was great to use, since i'm making a ddlc fangame and the sprites and backgrounds from the background were all different sizes and such.

Works flawlessly!

Help Please, Windows 10 , Don't Work(

Follow these steps. If any of these steps doesn't work, please tell me which one and what happens instead of what the video promises. Please tell me the timecode (like 2:41 for example) and I'll try to find a solution. Thanks!


Worked very well! Easy to use too. Thanks!


worked out pretty good

Deleted 1 year ago

Interesting. Never heard of this. Do you know which antivirus or other tool changes the actual properties? Thanks for sharing!

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks! I got easy access to all of the DDLC images with this.

Well. There's two bucks I'll never get back. The RPA Extractor didn't work for me. It won't open at all.


Doesn't work:

1. Create C:/test/

2. Copy the .rpa and rpaextract.exe to C:/test/

3. Drag the .rpa onto rpaextract.exe

Still doesn't work:

1. Do the above

2. Press WINDOWSKEY+R and enter "cmd"

3. type in "c:" ENTER then "cd test" ENTER

4. type rpaextract.exe [filename].rpa

write any error message as a comment here please and I'll take a look.

When I checked the exe file on virus total, it shows 10 engines where a few say trojan. I'm just curious on what they mean since I am a bit new to checking for viruses and all that.

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Very fair to point that out. I don't know why this happens. I re-checked and by now it's only 9 warnings. I don't recognize any of the 9 antivirus software names that flag it (besides ClamVM which I know of because it's open source and "McAfee-GW-Edition" which I only know because of the name "McAfee".) The "normal McAfee strangely does not flag rpaExtract.exe.

In the end, it seems like false positives.


please fix it, win 10 is not working,  Oct.30 , 2019

which game? what happens? what did your antivirus software say?


Tried to use this extractor to unpack archive.rpa files, doesn't work sadly.

also not working 

which game? what happens? what did your antivirus software say?

^ This game. It's still in development phase and I just want to see how many CGs are there in the beta build. After I drag & dropped the rpa file (the filesize is more than 1gb), the program works as intended but then stopped working midway through (the window simply disappearing, leaving no extracted/decrypted files). I don't think my antivirus blocked it or interfere the process since there's no error pop out or something like that.

It works for me. It created the "date" folder, which contains the assets.

My theory why it didn't work for you:

1. You have very little RAM (turn off all other applications)

2. Your file path contains non-ASCII characters (russian characters in your username path perhaps). Move the game install files to C:\test\ for example and put the rpaExtract.exe in the same folder as archive.rpa, then follow the video instructions.

If it still doesn't work, you can try to run the tool in a command line or powershell .\rpaExtract.exe archive.rpa so you check whether there are any error messages when it crashes.

Thanks, I'll try it out :)


macOs PLS



"To do this on macOS (aka Mac OS X), watch [video not yet done]."

So what do I need to do on MacOS, that would be a great help for me?
Thank you !


if still not clear, watch this video.

Wow, you still upload regularly? Great work!

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